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Tuscany hosts the most colourful foliage in Italy

Posted by GLflorence on October 19, 2020


Summer is when people prefer to travel and spend their holidays, enjoying long and warm days with an ice-cream in the hand, but other seasons have their charm too. Autumn in Tuscany, for example, is a not-to-be-missed period: vineyards and forests change their colours to yellow, orange and red, turning the landscape into a fairy-tale!

Where and when to admire fall foliage in Tuscany

If you choose to spend October or November in Italy, you won’t regret it. There are two main destinations to consider when talking about fall foliage: Chianti and Casentino. 

Chianti is the most popular area, since it’s close to Florence and offers amazing wines and landscapes. During Autumn, vineyards turn yellow and orange, painting the hills and changing the panorama completely. Moreover, if you go in October you can still see grape pickers and farmers working in the field, a traditional and important moment of the Tuscan tradition. Last but not least: our tours are on sale in fall time! Take a look at our Chianti tour and get the best pictures of these yellow rolling hills! 


If you have the chance to go a bit farer from the city, Casentino is a must-see. The wild forest of this area is actually beautiful both in summer and winter, but if you manage to take a walk over there between the last two weeks of October and the first of November, you’ll admire the most colourful forest of Italy!


Casentino and Sasso Fratino Forest

Sasso Fratino is the heart of this National Park, declared Strict Nature Reserve in 1959 with its 764,25 hectares of forest. The human kind has never invaded this place due to its rocky surface and the lack of accesses. Nowadays the only way to enter the forest is through defined paths, which keeps the area untouched and the ancient trees in perfect shape. Inside the Reserve you can also find some hermitages which are still inhabited: they’re open to visits in respect of the silence and rules of the retreat. 


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