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Pappa al Pomodoro, the authentic recipe

Posted by GLflorence on August 5, 2020

photo by Serena Puosi, Visit Tuscany.jpg

Picture by Serena Puosi, Visit Tuscany.

Today we want to reveal you a grandma’s recipe! If you search on the web, you’ll find many recipes about Pappa al Pomodoro, but this one is the real and authentic one.

Are you wondering what a Pappa al Pomodoro is? We are talking about a vegetarian (yes, Tuscany is not only about Fiorentina meat) Tuscan dish, often served as a starter or main dish. It’s mainly made with tomatoes and leftover bread, making it a cheap but healthy meal. Here’s the real recipe, try it out!

Ingredients (4 servings)

-          250 gr of stale bread

-          400 gr of tomatoes without skin or homemade tomato sauce

-          3 cloves of garlic

-          Sage or basil

-          1l of vegetable broth

-          EVO oil

-          Salt and pepper

How to

Take a big pot and brown the garlic and the sage in 6 spoons of oil. When the garlic starts to change colour, put the tomatoes on the pot and let them cook for 20 min.



When time has passed, put the hot broth into the pot and let everything boil for about 10 min. Insert the bread (cut into small slices) and let it cook for 5 min more. Remember to stir the Pappa often!




At the end put some salt and pepper (quantity depends on your taste), turn off the heat and wait 1 hour, stirring from time to time (the bread should mix perfectly with the sauce).

Serve it hot or at room temperature with some EVO oil on top. Do not use cheese.

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