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Florence from the top: The best panoramic spots close to the city centre

Posted by GLflorence on March 6, 2020


Florence is famous for its museums and monuments, but also for its Belvedere, panoramic spots where you can escape from the crowd and admire the beauty of the city from a different point of view. Here’s the most beautiful viewpoints you can find close to the city centre, to enjoy Florence at full! Bring your camera, you won't see such landscapes anywhere else. 

Piazzale Michelangelo

This is the most famous spot where to admire Florence from the top! Named after the copy of David statue, which stands out in the centre of the square, Piazzale Michelangelo can be reached on foot - you can stop at the garden of roses, situated just under this square, to enjoy another amazing viewpoint - or by bus/car: join our Tour to visit this breathtaking place and take a picture of Florence from the top. 


Forte Belvedere

Forte Belvedere is one of Florence fortresses and is located at the highest point of Boboli’s hill. The Forte was built to protect the city from any attack and to show the power of Medici’s family. It was also the ending point of Vasari’s corridor. Today it’s become a stunning viewpoint where you can enjoy Florence panorama and take part to the wide range of events organized in summer. 

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Brunelleschi's Cupola

Brunelleschi’s dome is the highest construction in Florence, which means you cannot but climb it and have a look at the city centre from the top. The stares to reach the dome are narrow but fascinating, because you can see the double shell that Brunelleschi created to support this huge structure. Another amazing viewpoint offered by the Cathedral is the North Terrace, whose entrance is exclusive: book our Tour to get access to both views! 


Palazzo Vecchio 

Palazzo Vecchio is the second highest building in Florence and is considered the political heart of the city. Arnolfo Tower is part of it and, guess what? You can climb it to the top! Since the building is close to the Duomo, this place is a good spot to have a comprehensive view of the Cathedral. Visit the battlements with our expert guides and climb Arnolfo Tower at sunset! Here's all you need to know to book the Tour.



Fiesole is a Florentine district of Etruscan origins. Its archeological park is an interesting place where to learn about the influence of the Etruscan population over the city. The district is set on a hill that surrounds Florence, which makes it a perfect place where to admire the entire municipality. You can easily reach Fiesole with our Tour, whose stops include Piazzale Michelangelo too! 


San Miniato al Monte 

Close to Piazzale Michelangelo we find the church of San Miniato al Monte. The church takes the name from San Miniato who, in the year 250, was decapitated by the despotic emperor Decio because of his ascetism. Legend says that he run away with the head in his hands till the top of this small hill, living the rest of his life as a hermit. In today’s San Miniato you won’t find any man carrying a head, but a beautiful abbey instead. If you want to know more about this unique building, you can contact our staff and visit the heart of Florence together with a professional local Guide!        


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